Objects of Wonder
British Sculpture 1950s – Present

Februrary 1 – May 27, 2019

Art from the Tate Collection

With around 75 masterworks from the collection of Tate London, Objects of Wonder at the PalaisPopulaire shows how British artists revolutionized contemporary sculpture after World War II. The show is truly amazing. Alongside world-famous works, from Henry Moore’s abstract figures to Damien Hirst’s formaldehyde lamb, visitors can make an incredible number of discoveries. Examples are tender shell sculpture of the Surrealist Eileen Agar or the performances in which the feminist artist Helen Chadwick transformed the body into a living sculpture in the 1960s. At the same time, the interplay with sculptures from eight decades in Objects of Wonder will enable visitors to experience the architecture of the PalaisPopulaire in a spectacular way.

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The Summer of Love Experience
July 14 – October 28, 2019

San Francisco Fine Arts Museum

It was the climax of the hippie movement: In 1967, hundreds of thousands of people flocked to San Francisco to celebrate the “Summer of Love.” It was a time of profound change—not only in art, fashion, and music, but also in society. Against the backdrop of the bloody war in Vietnam, love and peace became a life feeling for an entire generation. The Summer of Love Experience: Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll brings these culturally and politically eventful years to life at the PalaisPopulaire. The show, conceived by de Young Museum in San Francisco, presents iconic rock posters, photographs, interactive music and lightshows, avant-garde films, record covers, and costumes—an homage to the spirit of optimism of the late 1960s.