PalaisPopulaire App

The PalaisPopulaire app for smartphones is multimedia accompaniment for your visit. With the app you can discover art, culture, and sports in diverse ways. Integrated in the app are various audio guides for adults and children that can be used with the free WLAN inside the building. They provide a great deal of information geared to specific age groups and graphically explain the background. Text, audio, and video information on specific artworks can be accessed individually by entering a number. The calendar function gives detailed information about our art, culture, and sports program and enables you to easily store dates in your own calendar

Available for free in the App Store and from Google Play

The PalaisPopulaire app on a smartphone
By using the TimeMachine app on the smartphone, the outside view of the PalaisPopulaire is superimposed by an historical fassade

PalaisPopulaire TimeMachine App

Discover the history of the Prinzessinnenpalais with the help of Augmented Reality – follow the palace from its inception as the home of the Prussian royal family to its destruction during the Second World War, its reconstruction, the 60s and on to the PalaisPopulaire.

The "PalaisPopulaire TimeMachine" app takes the visitor on a virtual walk to extraordinary times in the history of the Prinzessinnenpalais. Via a GPS based map, the visitor is navigated to four different starting points inside and around the Prinzessinnenpalais. Once the AR icon appears, the visitor can switch to the Augmented Reality mode. The app switches to camera mode and the real environment is expanded with a genuine, detailed 3D model of the Prinzessinnenpalais from the past. The 3D model can be explored flexibly from any perspective, from near and far.

The app offers Berliners and tourists alike a unique opportunity to engage with the Palais and Berlin’s history in an innovative way. A thrilling experience with surprising features – history 2.0!

Available for free in the App Store and from Google Play

MIA | Watson

In cooperation with IBM, Deutsche Bank is breaking new ground. The PalaisPopulaire will be the first institution in Europe to use artificial intelligence to mediate art. The PalaisPopulaire plans to integrate IBM Watson under the name of MIA into an exhibition for the first time by the beginning of 2019. Before the program is launched, there will be a test phase lasting several months. In the forum of the PalaisPopulaire you will find a test station of MIA with which you can chat with Watson about the work The Bride who Married a Camel’s Head by the artist Wangechi Mutu. MIA currently only speaks German.

IBM Watson

Woman stands infront of MIA
The making-of film shows how the 3D-artwork was created in a production studio


Moving arts: The prizewinning TiltBrush software translates movements into digital brushstrokes. The result: dynamic sculptures in virtual space that you can experience three-dimensionally with VR glasses. The PalaisPopulaire is venturing an experiment by combining this new technology with art and sports. Young athletes are invited to give free rein to their creativity. With TiltBrush you can create an artwork that represents your sport. Energy, movement, and body control are transformed into abstract lines— into virtual sculptures that can be viewed in a digital gallery. A making-of film shows how the fascinating artwork was created in a production studio.

This can be experienced in the atelier!