A fixed component of our educational commitment is a free program conceived for kindergartens, elementary schools, and high schools for each exhibition. In addition, we develop special offers for welcome classes as well as classes with visually impaired and deaf students. At our interdisciplinary museum, you have the option of jointly experiencing art, music, literature or sports.

The offers last 1 – 1,5 hours and can be booked in German, English, French, Italian, or Spanish.

For further information and reservastions: palais.populaire@db.com, +49 (0)30 20 20 93 11


Movement, Body, Rhythm!
Program for Kindergarteners & 1st and 2nd Graders

Can be booked individually
During a playful tour we encounter different drawings: Some are small or big, full of figures, signs, or writing, or without a recognizable object. Was it drawn fast or slowly? Can a picture be hectic or tired? With our whole body we reconstruct individual movements from the picture in space and find a rhythm for them. Subsequently, we train our motor skills and make free gestural drawings in which the goal is not the result, but the path there!

Paper Worlds = Symbol Worlds
Program for 3rd to 6th Graders

Can be booked individually
Every child knows: heart = love, clover = luck, pencil = writing. We are always surrounded by signs such as street signs, numbers, or emojis. In the exhibition we encounter many signs with symbols or codes that we decipher and collect. Together we think about what stories they tell. We talk about body, image, or symbol language and subsequently try to implement it in little drawing exercises. You can continue to play this game after your visit to the exhibition: On your way home, draw all of the signs and symbols you notice and later make a picture story out of them!

Figuration and Abstraction
Program for High Schools

Can be booked individually
The term “figurative” is often used as the opposite of “abstract.” Unlike an abstract image, a figurative depiction is similar to reality, while we define abstract art as not being a likeness, but consisting solely of lines, shapes, and colors. But what is reality and how can you recognize the most important things, the essence, in a picture? Strolling through the opening exhibition, we get to know different techniques and important art movements starting in 1945. After an age-appropriate exchange about diverse themes and subjective perceptions of art, we reflect what we have seen in our own drawings..
Workshop on Music and Art

Workshop on Music and Art
For all ages

Can be booked individually
Art and music—for centuries there has been a close relationship between the two disciplines. Based on certain works in the exhibition, we open up graphic worlds: What color does a drumbeat have? Are dots dripping or hammering? Can a line dance or make noise? Under the professional guidance of a music mediator and with the help of a mobile orchestra case, classes can create graphic worlds and musical compositions. As a result, the senses are promoted in a playful way, motor activity trained, and sounds, melodies, and rhythm experienced.

Workshop on Literature and Art
Program for 1st – 3rd Graders

Dates and further information: palais.populaire@db.com, +49 (0)30 20 20 93 11

Art and literature—in front of selected artworks school classes get to know current children’s and youth literature and subsequently implement the books creatively.

In cooperation with the children’s bookstore KRUMULUS
Top athlete

Top Athletes Present Sports Live
From 5th Grade

Dates and further information: palais.populaire@db.com, +49 (0)30 20 20 93 11

Many children know soccer, tennis, and the long jump. But what are Olympic sports such as taekwondo, judo, fencing, and gymnastics all about? In cooperation with the German Sports Aid Foundation, groups starting in 5th grade can learn about Olympic sports disciplines from a German top athlete and a trainer team from a Berlin sports club. After exciting technique training, the children try out the sport themselves under professional guidance. Very important: a declaration of consent from the parents and don’t forget comfortable sports clothes!

In cooperation with the German Sports Aid Foundation
Teacher Training

Teacher Training

To the dates

We develop tailor-made teacher training for every exhibition, which is recognized by Berlin’s Senate Administration for Education, Youth and Family. Teachers are invited to learn more about interdisciplinary approaches for teaching music, literature, and sports to specific age groups and to integrate and expand them in the school context.

School Notes

Invitation for schools to the opening of The World on Paper exhibition

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Barrier-Free Offers

Workshops under the guidance of trained art mediators for blind and deaf people, hearing- and visually impaired people

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Children & Young People

Comprehensive workshop program for children, young people, and adults devoted to art, music, literature, or sports

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In creative workshops adults could gain access to art and creativity

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