A fixed component of our educational commitment is a free program conceived for kindergartens, elementary schools, and high schools for each exhibition. In addition, we develop special offers for welcome classes as well as classes with visually impaired and deaf students. At our interdisciplinary museum, you have the option of jointly experiencing art, music, literature or sports.
The offers last 1 – 1,5 hours and can be booked in German, English, French, Italian, or Spanish.
For further information and reservastions: palais.populaire@db.com, +49 (0)30 20 20 93 11

Paper with blue colour

Ink Journey
Program for Kindergartners and 1st and 2nd Graders

Individually bookable
What happens when blue, red, yellow, and black mix? We investigate this on the spot: Artist Caline Aoun installed four fountains with blue, red, yellow, and black printing ink in the exhibition. They are connected to each other by hoses. What journey does the colored ink make? After a joint tour of the exhibition, various papers are painted in the studio with airy, light watercolors or strong, expressive colored chalk. Forms and colors can be designed into individual, expressive works of art.

A book with stone, mussel and ball

The History of Things
Program for 3rd to 6th Graders

Individually bookable
Thousands of pieces of information surround us every day. Even everyday objects like a cuddly toy or a necklace have a story to tell and a long journey behind them before they reach us. The artist Caline Aoun is fascinated by these stories of things, which can sometimes be very personal and sometimes affect all people. It would be great if all the children participating could bring along a small object that tells a personal story. After a joint tour of the exhibition, we want to dedicate ourselves to the stories of the objects we have brought with us.

A map of the world

Visualization of Data Traffic
Program for High Schools

Individually bookable
The artist Caline Aoun is interested in the daily flow of data in the digital world. But what is data? How can data be given visual form? These are questions that Caline Aoun artistically addresses in the exhibition. After a joint tour, the students are asked to collect everyday data and translate it into a drawing. What roles can symbols or colors play and how can data be linked together in drawings? An analog experiment in a digital age.

Self-made instruments

SoundArt: The Sound of Data
Workshop for all Ages on Music and Art

Individually bookable

Do data make noise like a thunderstorm or are they quiet like a summer wind? How can data flows be made audible? The “Artist of the Year” Caline Aoun is interested in the daily data traffic that goes around the world every second with thousands of pieces of information. During the tour of the exhibition, the group can collect individual sounds, which the participants can then examine together under professional guidance. In a playful way, the senses, perception, and motor skills are promoted and the participants experiment with movement, sound, and rhythm.

The book by Leo Lionni

Workshop on Literature and Art
1st – 3rd Graders
Leo Lionni, Das kleine Blau und das kleine Gelb

Monday, November 25, 2019 and Monday, February 17, 2020 10 – 11:30 am

Color, ink, and paper play a major role in Caline Aoun’s show. After a tour of the exhibition, we listen to a classic picture book. Das kleine Blau und das kleine Gelb (The Little Blue and the Little Yellow) by Leo Lionni tells the story of how the little blue and the little yellow become the little green. As the book shows, the students can subsequently use colored pieces of foil to create abstract pictures and give free rein to their imagination.

In cooperation with the bookstore KRUMULUS

Two women wrestle

Top Athletes Present Sports Live
From 5th Grade

For further information and reservations: palais.populaire@db.com, +49 (0)30 20 20 93 11

Many children know soccer, tennis, and the long jump. But what are Olympic sports such as taekwondo, judo, fencing, and gymnastics all about? In cooperation with the German Sports Aid Foundation, groups starting in 5th grade can learn about Olympic sports disciplines from a German top athlete and a trainer team from a Berlin sports club. After exciting technique training, the children try out the sport themselves under professional guidance.

Photo: Debora Lawnitzak

In cooperation with the German Sports Aid Foundation
An art historian is giving a guided tour

Teacher Training
Nr. 19.2-89161
Wednesday, November 20, 4 – 5:30 pm

Admission tickets can be purchased at the ticket shop and at the cash desk

For every exhibition, the PalaisPopulaire offers tailor-made teacher training that is recognized by Berlin's Senate Administration for Education, Youth and Sports. Teachers are invited to learn more about interdisciplinary approaches for teaching art, music, literature, and sports to specific age groups and to integrate and expand them in the school context.

Photo: Mathias Schormann

In German

School Notes

Invitation for schools to the exhibition Caline Aoun (in German)

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Picture Populaire

Our free kindergarten and school programs spawn many creative results. We select a “PicturePopulaire” every other week and present it in the Atelier as well as on our social-media channels.
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Children & Young People

Comprehensive workshop program for children, young people, and adults devoted to art, music, literature, or sports

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In creative workshops adults could gain access to art and creativity

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