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A fixed component of our educational commitment is a free program conceived for kindergartens, elementary schools, and high schools for each exhibition. In addition, we develop special offers for welcome classes as well as classes with visually impaired and deaf students. At our interdisciplinary museum, you have the option of jointly experiencing art, music, literature or sports.
The offers last 1 – 1,5 hours and can be booked in German, English, French, Italian, or Spanish.
For further information and reservastions:, +49 (0)30 20 20 93 11

Self-made instruments

BookArt. Workshop on Literature and Art for 1st to 3rd Graders
Das Dunkle und das Helle by Kerstin Hau and Julie Völk (In German)
Monday, August 2 and November 2, 10–11:30 am

Like photography, life has both dark and bright sides. Kerstin Hau’s story of an unusual friendship addresses this. The shaggy one with shaggy fur lives in a dark country and is sad because he has lost his home. The gentle one, however, lives in a world of light and colors but is curious about the dark side next door. They cautiously venture into each other’s strange world. For the illustrations, Julie Völk used an old technique from the early days of photography: cyanotype. The children participating can use this technique to create their own pictures.

In cooperation with Krumulus bookstore

Photo: ©NordSüd Verlag

A map of the world

What Are You Dreaming About?
Program for 3rd to 6th Graders

“What do you dream about?” artist Cao Fei asked factory workers in China and requested that they portray their dreams of the future. And Japanese artist Miwa Yanagi asked young women to envision themselves in 50 years and represented these wishes in photographs. After exploring these and other works in the exhibition, the focus wil be on the children’s wishes and dreams. They can reproduce their dreams in a drawing.

A book with stone, mussel and ball

The History of Things
Program for 3rd to 6th Graders

What are photographers occupied with at a time when millions of photos are taken, posted, and sent out by people every day? What are their themes? What do the pictures say about our time and how were they realized photographically? A tour of the exhibition is like a journey through time. Encompassing over 60 photographs, Time Present unfolds a panorama of contemporary photographic art. Then different stories about and interpretations of selected works will be discussed, as well as the question of what photography means in the age of digital reproducibility.

School Notes

Invitation for schools to the exhibition Time Present - Photography from the Deutsche Bank Collection (in German)

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Picture Populaire

Our free kindergarten and school programs spawn many creative results. We select a “PicturePopulaire” every other week and present it in the Atelier as well as on our social-media channels.
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Children & Young People

Comprehensive workshop program for children, young people, and adults devoted to art, music, literature, or sports

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