Based on a decision made by the Berlin Senate to curb coronavirus infection rates, the PalaisPopulaire and  LePopulaire will remain closed until further notice. We will still be there for you digitally. Follow us on our social media channels under #PalaisPopulaireForYou.

It is a matter of course for Deutsche Bank to give all visitors access to artworks and events. Specially designed guided tours and workshops with touching models or in German Sign Language mediate the exhibitions and artworks in an individualized way.

The PalaisPopualire offers an audio tour for blind and visually impaired visitors at almost every exhibition, which provides detailed descriptions of selected exhibits with general audio texts. In addition to the regular inclusive tour and workshop for blind and visually impaired adults, there is the possibility to book a tailor-made family workshop. Tactile models for selected art works as well as information on the galleries and the wayside guides help with orientation in the PalaisPopulaire.

Find out more about certifications on Reisen für Alle (only available in German).

Two woman talinking about picture in sign language

Guided Tour
For the Deaf and Hearing Impaired visitor in DGS  
November, 15, 2020, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm (Time Present)
February 13, 2021, 11:30 am–1:30 pm (K.H. Hödicke)

Price: € 9 / Reduced € 6, accompanying person free
Admission tickets can be purchased at the ticket shop and at the cash desk

Joint inclusive guided tour of the exhibition in which art educators discuss different works based on palpation models and sound examples. Subsequently what has been learned will be deepened practically in a creative sound workshop. Interested sighted people are also welcome!

Foto: Mathias Schormann

In German

A Touching Model

Guided tour on the phone for blind and visually impaired visitors
January 10, 2021, 3–4 pm (Time Present)**
February 28, 2021, 3–4 pm (K.H. Hödicke)**

Free inclusive tour of the exhibition in which an art educator will present individual works. Interested sighted people are also very welcome!
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Many thanks to the Allgemeine Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverein Berlin, who supported this event.


„Our Favorites“
for deaf and hearing impaired**

 In “Our Favorites“ art mediators, curators and co-workers of the PalaisPopulaire present their favorite artworks from the exhibition. Enjoy this episode with Veronika Kranzpiller, art historian, who will tell you exciting background information on a photograph by Siobhán Hapaska.

Two women are talking about an artwork in DGS

Children & Young People

Comprehensive workshop program for children, young people, and adults devoted to art, music, literature, or sports

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Kindergartens & Schools

Free program for kindergartens, elementary schools, and high schools for every exhibition

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